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Oil Pulling My Personal Experience.

About a week ago I came across an article on the benefits of oil pulling and how it assists in several different types of ailments to which it may or may not. My interest was more in the benefits oil pulling could possibly have on oral health. I have receding gum lines and stained teeth from years of of cigarette smoking and drinking coffee. The stains do come out after a general cleaning but return quickly, and make it a bit embarrassing to smile. I have tried everything to keep my teeth white between cleanings to no avail.

After doing a bit of research which was mainly personal testimonials more so than actual scientific research, I thought why not I cook with all the recommended oils can’t hurt anything and if it doesn’t work I’m not really out anything and what oil I don’t use to wash my mouth out with I can use in cooking.

So here it goes get up in the morning but about a TBL spoon of sesame oil in my mouth swish it around for 20min same thing before bed. After a couple of days I started to notice the stains on my front teeth start to dissipate, my teeth started to feel dentist clean my gums don’t hurt and they are not bleeding when I brush.

Though I’ve only been oil pulling for a week thus far I’ve seen visual benefits as for oil pulling and it assisting in reversing periodontal disease I will find out next month when I go for my 3month visit to my periodontist and he measures my gum line and tells me if my gums have worsened or gotten better. For right now if the only thing oil pulling does for me assist in keeping my teeth whiter I’m a happy camper.