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Back To Health

I wrote last week about oil pulling, and how it’s been assisting in taking the stain out of my teeth to which it has done wonders. I will say again my teeth were stained from smoking and drinking coffee for many years I will add my gum line has also been receding for a few years now, in doing the oil pulling the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed a drastic change in how my teeth and gums feel and look.  For the skeptics who say it’s a placebo effect, I will give them that it could very well be placebo affect on how my teeth and gums feel, but I will not give them the visual effect that is not placebo that is an actual visual believe me I know every stain on my front teeth and I’ve tried everything to remove the stains to once again with no avail with the exception of oil pulling.

Well it’s the beginning of the New Year and I’ve decided to get back to health and it’s time to lose the fat I’ve put on since I slid back into eating foods with gluten I’m one of those that has a slight intolerance to foods that have gluten and I tend to gain weight when I eat foods that have gluten and have bouts of diarrhea which I don’t have when I’m gluten free.

Few decisions I’ve made for myself first I’m going to do a full heavy metal detox using  Diatomaceous Earth “Food Grade” if anyone reads this post and try’s this use food grade. I’m going to start with an initial 10day cleanse of nothing but water with lime” the fruit” and diatomaceous earth. After the first 10days I will see how I feel and decide from there.   Ok, some may wonder why diatomaceous earth well why not? We have three dogs too which for many years the older two have had diatomaceous earth in their diet no fleas, no skin conditions healthy weight. We also treat the yard with diatomaceous earth no fleas, flies or any little buggers that can bite. Well as I said I’ve become lax on being gluten free and I’ve become very lax on putting diatomaceous earth in the dogs food too which our dog Lexi our German Shepard Mix breed has reaped the rewards of me being lazy she has eczema and hot spots to which the poor girl digs until she bleeds and rubs her fur straight off.  When she was diagnosed some 5years ago we bought every over the counter product that said it could help alleviate the problem we got prescriptions from the vet nothing helped. Then my wonderful husband read an article on diatomaceous earth and we gave it a try. It worked by golly it worked Lexi’s fur started to grow back and she wasn’t digging. Yeah! I know no scientific evidence but I don’t need a lab jockey to do a study on the pro’s and con’s  of diatomaceous earth I’ve seen the benefits first hand. Well Lexi is back on diatomaceous earth “food grade” and her skin conditions have gone away and she is once again happy and playing.

Back to why diatomaceous earth cleanse I figure why not see what it does for the human body, I’ve seen first hand what it’s done for our dog Lexi so why not try it myself why not see if there is any validity to the claims out there on why it’s so great as a dietary supplement for humans and how it can detoxify the body and assist in weight loss. Yeah! I get it for the skeptics I know I will lose weight because the only intake I’ll have is the diatomaceous earth and water but the first initial ten days is to rid my body of possible little parasites that maybe lingering in my system and if I feel I need to go longer.

Things I’m going to track over the next ten days of the Diatomaceous Earth Cleanse.

  1. Weight
  2. Bowel movements: consistency  color and if there is any little buggers that pass through.
  3. Condition of skin and nails
  4. Sleep Pattern.
  5. Energy level.

Please take note I’m using Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. I am not selling diatomaceous earth, this is an experiment I’m doing on myself for good hopefully and for bad hopefully not! I will not stake any claims I’ve not experienced myself.

Day Three: January 15, 2014 (Age 42)

Weight: 163lbs

Bowel Movement: Same as yesterday..

Skin: Looking a bit brighter not as tired looking. Still a bit pale.

Hair: Still thick dull and frizzy as ever.

Nails: The same as yesterday.

Sleep Pattern: Slept all night no disruption woke up a bit late but I woke up energized not sluggish.

Sleep Pattern: Slept all night no disruption woke up a bit late but I woke up energized not sluggish.

Overall feeling this morning I felt like wiggling it’s been awhile since I’ve had the pure desire to put on some tunes and just wiggle. A wiggle with a good rhythm none of that prancercise stuff I mean a good rhythm and a good beat. So I wiggled for a bit to some good ole tunes it felt good to get some blood rushing through my body. So far I haven’t had any bad side effects from diatomaceous earth and I’m not quite sure if the other is just a placebo affect, time will tell I suppose.

Day Two: January 14, 2014 (Age 42)

Weight: 165 the same as yesterday.. Still too much for my height and frame.

Bowel Movement: Lighter (medium brown), a bit harder still squiggly kinda like squeezing a tube of tooth paste. “ I know ick!!” But it is something we all need to look at..

Skin: Pale dull and tired looking same as yesterday!

Hair: The same thick dull, frizzy.

Nails: Hard and bit more brittle than usual. I will add my nails have always been hard and thick.

Sleep Pattern: Slept like all night with the exception of the dogs waking me to let them out to do their business.

Energy Level: A bit more energetic this morning, still a bit low but I expect that..

Overall feeling this morning, I feel all right I don’t expect any miracles I know it will take a bit of time to get my health back. Please take note I don’t have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol and my bone density is that of an 18year old at least that’s what the tests say when I get it drawn every year for insurance. My issues are poor circulation numbness in the hands and right shoulder, asthma (trouble breathing), and just being plain fat which is fine for some but I’m not comfortable with it.

Day One: January 13, 2014

Weight: 165lbs “for someone who is 5’ 3 ¾”  and small/ medium framed that is too much for my body!

Bowel Movement: Runny dark with some squiggly poo. Just plain icky!

Skin: Shallow, pale tired looking.

Hair: Thick dull frizzy nothing new!

Sleep Pattern:  Don’t know yet, just started and haven’t went to sleep yet..

Energy Level:  A bit lethargic.